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What is source code?

The source code is a computer program which is converted into a machine language that is read by a machine and compiled in image and function. The HTML code of a website is also called source code. Source code is an important part of SEO because it determines the correct execution of a webpage and gives information about possible optimization potential. Source code optimization is therefore part of technical SEO.

Source code for web pages

While the source code is the backbone of a computer program for programmers, it is an important area for online marketers which is not visible to regular users. SEO errors can be detected and fixed in the source code. The source code also contains important additional information about a website. By analyzing the source code, you can, for example, easily find hidden links. Moreover, the source code contains important information about the CMS being used, markup or meta data such as meta description or meta title in the Dublin Core. Canonical tags and content of a website are visible in the source code. Tracking codes for marketing purposes can also be found in the source code.

Special web analysis programs, compilers, and browsers can be used to read the source code of a website. Browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge have a simple function with which the page source code can be displayed. Usually the web source code is distributed over several lines.